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How Much Does Botox Cost in Toronto?

Have you been thinking about getting Botox treatment? With this dermatological procedure, you can have wrinkle-free and youthful skin in a matter of days. If you’ve been wondering how much does Botox cost, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll look at the pricing for treating different areas of the body and how much you can expect to pay for Botox.

How Much Should I Pay for Botox?

Your Botox budget will be affected by the following the factors:

1. Unit Price

How much does Botox cost per unit? If you live in the Greater Toronto Area or Ontario, the cost of a unit of Botox can range between $10 to $17. Then, multiply this by the number of doses or units required. You also need to factor in the specific areas in your face or body that require treatment. In some cases, having two parts done simultaneously means a higher price, compared to focusing only on one area.

Need more details? Check out the table for the number of units of Botox required for each part of the body.

2. Number of Doses

Expect to pay more for larger areas, say on your forehead or hands. While there is an average number of units recommended for each Botox treatment, these can change due to the condition of your skin. For example, if your forehead has severe wrinkles, you may require more doses than the recommended average. As a result, you’ll be charged more for the procedure. 

Also, the effects of Botox can last anywhere from three to four months. You would need to go back to the clinic for follow-up injections.

a man receiving Botox at a reputable med spa

3. Location of the Clinic

Another factor that might affect pricing is the location of your clinic. Expect to pay more if you go to a clinic in an urban area. After all, they need to have the means to pay for rental spaces and utilities.

4. Reputation of the Skincare Professional

The cost of your Botox treatment can increase depending on the professional administering the care. Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons usually charge more, especially top-rated specialists who have celebrities among their clientele. Given the potential side effects of Botox, you want to be treated by an expert with the right qualifications.

5. Insurance Coverage

If you want to save on Botox treatment, ask if your insurance will cover the procedure. This is usually the case if you need the treatment for non-cosmetic reasons, like chronic migraines or dental issues.

How Many Units of Botox Do I Need?

Before you head to the nearest facial clinic, identify which Botox treatment you wish to get. This step matters because each Botox treatment requires specific but varying numbers of units.  

Treatment Average Amount of Botox Units Needed
Chin 2 to 6 units
Corners of the mouth 3 to 6 units
Forehead lines 6 to 15 units
Between the eyes 12 to 20 units
Crow’s feet 5 to 15 units
Frown lines 10 to 25 units
Fine lip lines 4 to 5 units per side
Face slimming 5 to 10 units per side
Brow lift 5 units per side
Hyperhidrosis underarm 50 units per side
Hyperhidrosis hand 50 units per palm
Jaw area 15 to 50 units per side
Lines around the nose 5 to 10 units
Neck bands 25 to 50 units

A woman receiving Botox treatment on her chin

Let’s say you want to have a brow lift. On average, you need five units of Botox to make significant changes to your face. Based on the table above, this means your treatment can cost anywhere from $50 to $85.

Consult with your skincare expert to get a more accurate breakdown of fees. During your initial consultation, don’t forget to ask about what to expect during the procedure. You must also ask them about the activities to avoid after getting a Botox treatment.

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If you live in Ontario, the best place to get Botox treatment is at Harmony Med Spa. This upscale laser clinic offers cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal, BBL and Botox.

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If you already know what treatment area and dosage you’re looking for, simply purchase Botox filler units through our online shop. From there, you can set an appointment at our clinic to begin your treatment. There is no need to worry about hidden fees, thanks to our transparent pricing.

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