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How to Introduce New Products to Sensitive Skin

When it comes to skincare, one size does not fit all. What works for oily skin might be too harsh for sensitive skin. The same goes for introducing new products into your skincare routine. Just because a product is hyped or works well for someone else doesn’t mean it’s right for you. It’s important to start slow with new products, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Here’s how to patch test when using new skincare products.

What is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is a type of skin that is easily irritated. It can be dry, itchy, red, or inflamed. Some people are born with sensitive skin, while others develop it. You might find that certain products make your skin react if you have sensitive skin. This reaction can be anything from a mild rash to hives.

If your skin is sensitive, you might be more cautious about buying items. You may consider only using mild cleansers and avoid anything that might irritate your skin. But if you take these steps, you may never get to try new products and find out what works best for you. So it’s essential to know how to patch test. The simple technique can save you a lot of discomfort and money on items you can’t use.

What is a Patch Test?

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, it’s good practice to try a patch test when using new skincare products. A patch test is when you apply a small amount of a new product to a limited area, usually on your arm. You then wait 24-48 hours to see how your skin reacts. Using the product on your face is generally safe if there’s no negative response. Some ingredients can cause a reaction in people without product sensitivities, such as retinol and glycolic acid.

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How to Patch Test Skincare

Follow these steps the next time you want to try a new product:

1. Choose the Right Spot

You want to test the product on an area of skin that is similar to your face. This spot could be your neck, chest, back of your hand, or the inside of the elbow. These areas are more likely to have sensitive skin.

2. Cleanse the Area

Wash the area with a mild cleanser and pat dry. You need to ensure only the new product will touch your skin.

3. Apply a Small Amount

Use a cotton swab or your finger to apply a small amount of the product to the chosen spot. Too much can make a bad reaction worse.

4. Wait and Watch

Wait 24 to 48 hours to see how your skin reacts. If there’s no reaction, you can assume it’s safe to use on your face. Most experts recommend waiting the full 48 hours before using it on your face to be sure.

5. Test Over One Product at a Time

Test over one product at a time if you’re trying a new skincare routine. So, for example, you might patch test cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and serum all in one week. That way, you can narrow down which product causes any irritation.

Remember, just because a product doesn’t cause a reaction on your arm doesn’t mean it’s right for your face, so always start slow when introducing new products to your skincare routine.

Tips For Choosing Products For Sensitive Skin

You must be extra careful about your products when you have sensitive skin. It’s important when buying products for sensitive skin that you avoid harsh chemicals. Look for products free of sulphates and fragrances as these can irritate sensitive skin.

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Choose gentle formulas: Look for products labelled “for sensitive skin” or ” gentle.” These are less likely to irritate your skin because they contain fewer ingredients.

Patch test first: Even if a product is labelled “for sensitive skin,” you should always patch test it before using it on your face. Follow the instructions above for every new item.

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