Skincare Tips For The New Year

Skin care tips from Harmony medspa

No better time than the present to hit those skincare goals. Others may be making fitness and lifestyle type resolutions, but not you – no you are here for the perfect skin. After all clear skin is the foundation to an enviable look. You’ve indulged in bad habits all of 2019, but it’s almost a new year and we get to start all over again. Let’s revamp that skincare routine and jump into 2020 with your best skin yet. Here are eight easy skincare resolutions you can make after January 1st.

  1. Wear sunscreen – Your mother has been saying it for years, but why hasn’t it sunk in yet? Maybe you’ve been hoping it was a myth… it’s not! Make this the year you start taking responsibility for protecting your skin from damaging UV rays that can penetrate skin all year round. You should be using an SPF in your routine daily, you can even mix it in with your moisturizer to make things a bit more simple.


  1. Pamper day is Sunday! – Need we say more.
  1. Drink lots of water – At least 8 glasses a day to keep the dehydration at bay. Not drinking enough water can have serious impacts on your overall health and skin. When you’re dehydrated, your organs pull water from your blood and your blood pulls water from your skin cells. This reaction can cause your skin to appear dry and your eyes to look darker and sunken, and over time, it can even speed up the aging process.  Yuck!
  1. Use eye cream – Do you really need it, or is your normal face cream doing the job? In short, yes and then no. It’s the first area that starts to show signs of aging and it’s the most fragile skin on your face, so use an eye cream every day, even twice a day.


  1. Stop sleeping in makeup – Once again this is likely not news, but it could be one of the more disregarded tips out there. You should be removing your makeup before laying your head down to sleep. Late night? Keep some makeup wipes on your nightstand, it may not be as ideal as your complete skincare routine, but it’s better than nothing.


  1. Don’t forget to exfoliate – Don’t hate, exfoliate! Too far? Well, too bad, exfoliating is a must for any skincare routine. Dead skin cell buildup on skin’s surface is a one-way ticket to dull, dry skin. Set a schedule to scrub down your skin at least three times a week.


  1. Invest in skincare – Do not and we repeat do not use hand soap on your face! Sounds crazy, but we know some of you just can’t help saving some money and opt to use a bar of soap instead of an actual facial cleanser. This year go out and buy products actually geared towards facial skin, and once you’ve mastered that get products for your exact skin type.


  1. Book a treatment with Harmony MedSpa – Just do it!