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When Should You Start Laser Hair Removal?

No one wants to be bothered by the hassle of unwanted hair. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a slight excess of facial or body hair, it’s also totally normal to want to remove too; because your beauty standards are all your own.  

Unwanted hair can start growing in a person’s teenage years, and it can take a toll on one’s self esteem, so this begs the question: When is the right time to start laser hair removal


Why You Should Start Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing  


Before we get straight to the point, let’s tackle all the inhibitions first. Some people prefer a DIY solution, like waxing, but in case you haven’t waxed before, consider this is a fair warning: Waxing hurts!  

Whether you’ll be waxing areas of your face, arms, back, chest, bikini line, or legs, it won’t be a comfortable experience. Aside from being painful, waxing can trigger ingrown hair, which ultimately defeats the purpose of gaining smooth hair-free skin. This technique does not eliminate the root of the hair. Instead, it simply pulls it from the follicle.

In contrast, laser hair removal provides long-term benefits and minimal discomfort in an amazingly short period of time. You can even undergo this procedure during your lunch break, as it can be performed in mere minutes, depending on the treatment site. 

The greatest pro of all is that laser hair removal is suitable for virtually every part of the body. 

 Laser hair removal being performed on a person’s legs 


The Best Time to Start Laser Hair Removal   


According to experts, laser hair removal harnesses non-ionizing energy, which means that there are zero risks of it causing skin cancer. So, you guessed it – it’s safe for teenagers’ sensitive skin as well. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to your specific case after seeking the advice of a dermatologist. Usually, the best age to start laser hair removal is in your teen years when people usually first notice unwanted hair. 

However, it is important to note that there are some age-based elements to take into consideration as well. 

Laser Hair Removal for Teens  


Laser hair removal is an option for teenagers if they experience hair growth that is thicker than usual in areas that are not easily manageable. If this is the case, unwanted hair tends to worsen with age.

Aside from parental consent, there are no other restrictions or risks included in laser hair removal. 

Laser Hair Removal for Young Adults    


You don’t specifically have to start laser hair removal in your teen years, as it might suit you better once you hit your 20s and 30s, because age can trigger multiple changes to the appearance of your skin. 

People in this age group don’t typically have a lot of time to pluck, shave, or wax. Life is busy and demanding. With family, work, social activities, errands, and recreational activities taking up your day, where do you even find the time to get rid of unwanted hair? If this sounds a lot like you, then you should definitely start laser hair removal! 

It takes only a few minutes per session, so you can walk right back in sync with your routine afterwards.  

Laser Hair Removal for Older Adults  


You might be surprised to find thicker hair on your face, arms, or legs once you reach midlife, and that’s all thanks to genetics and time. 

You may have lived your young life without being pestered by unwanted hair, but that doesn’t mean it can’t catch up with you in your 40s or 50s. We understand how frustrating it can be, especially when your skin is more sensitive to abrasions from plucking, shaving, and waxing at this age. 

It really doesn’t matter how young or old you are, because when you start laser hair removal, it’s all about looking and feeling beautiful in your own skin. 

A person receiving laser hair removal treatment 


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


Once you have decided to start laser hair removal treatment and completed your consultation, your doctor or technician will shave the hair on the target area until they are only a few millimetres long. 

Next, they will program the laser machine according to your skin tone and the colour and thickness of the hair strands. Once the laser comes in contact with the skin, you can expect to experience a mild stinging sensation.

The duration of the procedure depends on the size of the target area, so it can last anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours. Laser hair removal encompasses a series of sessions before optimal results are achieved, but you can rest assured that it’s completely worth the investment! 

The Best Time of Year to Get Laser Hair Removal   


Our skin is more prone to redness and breakouts during the sweltering height of summer. This is why experts recommend the end of summer, fall, or winter as the best time of year to bid farewell to unwanted facial and body hair. 

Also, laser hair removal includes multiple sessions that need to be spaced six weeks apart. Doing the math, you’ll have smooth hair-free skin to flaunt your sundresses, bathing suits, and shorts with sheer confidence once summer rolls around again! 

Start Laser Hair Removal at Harmony MedSpa  


Bask in the golden benefits of Harmony MedSpa’s laser hair removal services, where you can indulge in a relaxing environment that nourishes your skin with the VIP treatment that it deserves. 

If you’re ready to start laser hair removal and experience smooth, hair-free skin, book a consultation today! If you already know what you want, you can conveniently book your appointment through our secure online portal. Check out our hair removal services page for more information!