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Our Virtual
Consultation Process

Whatever stage you’re at in your aesthetic journey, whether it be evaluating your options, looking to book an appointment or have follow-up concerns regarding our procedures, our virtual consultations allow you to conveniently and safely get in touch with us.

This is our way of giving you the support you need during these times. Although the capacity of our physical space is smaller (in adherence to the highest safety and health precautions), we’ve adapted by finding a way to continue to be available for all our clients - albeit in the digital space.

As with any new process, we understand there may be concerns as to how effective a virtual consultation can be.
Some common queries we made sure to consider are:

How secure and private are the consultations?

How thorough will the assessments be without being in-person?

Could we effectively explain options and solutions when we are not seated face-to-face?

This is why we’ve developed a process for us to get through these gaps, together.

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Secure Platform

The virtual consultations are 100% confidential. The conversation you have is kept between the client and our experts. We’ve chosen a secured online platform that keeps your information and the consultation private. Alternatively, we also offer phone consultations, if preferred.

Photos for Proper

Some webcams do not have a high enough resolution to support a proper virtual aesthetic consultation. We’ve over-stepped this obstacle and instead, we encourage our clients, if needed, to take mobile photos of the area/s of concern. This allows our clients to provide images with better resolutions for our aesthetic experts to assess. This convenient option also gives an added layer of confidentiality as clients can freely block or crop any parts of the image that they do not wish to share.

Effective Presentations
and Discussions

Our goal is to ensure our clients are getting as much value as possible from our virtual consultations. Due to the fact that a vast majority of these consultations are for customers who are seeking out information or options, our experts are trained to discuss anything related to our services in a comprehensive and effective manner. If needed, our experts could opt to screen share and/or use various visual mediums to maximize clarity of information.

How to Get Started

Call or email us to book your virtual consultation!

One of our team members will reach out to you to schedule your appointment. We’ll send you a confirmation email with a Google Hangouts invite link that you can select at the time of your appointment.

Once your appointment has been confirmed, you’ll receive two important emails: the first will be your login information to our client portal with a temporary password, and the second will be a medical history form for you to fill out prior to your consultation. Detailed instructions will be provided in each email.

Our Safety Practices

As of July 24, the region of Durham has entered stage 3 of the provincial reopening plan, allowing businesses like ours to resume operations. We’re excited to be able to open our doors again and to see all those familiar faces!

As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented circumstances we understand that it is our responsibility as members of our community to follow the recommended safety precautions of public health officials. We are committed to caring about the health and well-being of our clients and assisting in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’d like to share with you the steps we’ve taken to ensure everyone’s safety as we prepare for our reopening:

Proper Sanitation
and PPE

We abide strictly by the sanitation practices and etiquette recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to stop the spread. All employees are equipped with medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as practice stringent handwashing and surface sanitation protocols through the course of each day.

Social Distancing and
Limiting Capacity

We’ve updated the layout of our clinic to align with proper social distancing regulations and implemented new processes that will ensure a safe number of people are within the premises at one time.

We currently meet with our customers on an appointment-only basis and would be providing our clients with the option of virtual consults starting October. Our virtual consultations allow our clients to safely get in touch with us - straight from the comfort of your own home!