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Dark circles under the eyes can be a source of grief for many. It can make one look tired, sick and worst, older than you actually are. When you have a pronounced dark circle and bags under the eyes, there is only so much you can camouflage with makeup.

Under-eye dark circles can be a result of many factors. Unlike a popular misconception, age is not the only cause of dark circles. Although it can be more pronounced in females, dark circles can affect males as well.


What causes dark circles?


Before we can focus on the treatments, it is paramount that we understand the underlying cause of the dark circles under the eyes.


1. Genetics


It is one of the primary reasons under-eye circles. Irrespective of your age or gender, if you have pronounced under-eye circles with or without bags, take a closer look at your family members.

If either of your parents or grandparents have under-eye circles, you are very likely to have one as well.


2. Health issues


Another common cause of dark circles is health problems. This can include allergies and skin problems. Very often, when a person has these issues, the body produces histamines which cause inflammation of the blood vessels causing the dark circle.


3. Unhealthy lifestyle


If you practice a lifestyle that is dominated by caffeine, alcohol, junk foods, stress and irregular sleep, you are also more susceptible to dark circles.


4. Ageing


Along with the rest of the body, the facial muscles lose volume and sag. As a result of this, the under-eye area takes on a dark and sunken look. The reduction of collagen also thins out the skin making the veins look more pronounced.


What are the available treatments for dark circles under the eyes?


The treatment for under dark eye circles typically depends on the underlying cause. At our Med spa, we believe and tell our clients that the best treatment for dark circles requires a holistic approach.

Therefore, before we consider the treatment for you, we offer the following suggestions and recommendations to our clients.

⦁ Reduce intake of alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drinks as well as junk foods.
⦁ Try stress management remedies such as exercise and meditation.
⦁ Get the recommended amount of sleep, which is at least seven to eight hours of sleep.
⦁ Try medications for allergies or other skin issues.
⦁ Avoid scratching the area around the eyes.
⦁ Wear SPF and sunglasses while going out.
⦁ Increase the intake of water.

Along with these helpful recommendations, we offer other in-house treatments. These include PicoSure, fillers, PRP, and laser vein treatments.

1. PicoSure – Delivering effective and immediate results, PicoSure laser treatment is best for dark circles caused due to ageing and excessive sun exposure. It works by reducing the hyperpigmentation on the skin and improving the skin’s appearance.

2. Laser vein treatments – These works best for those with inflamed or damaged blood vessels due to allergies and rubbing etc.

3. PRP – Under eye circles due to unhealthy lifestyle and genetics as well as ageing are best treated with PRP.

4. Fillers – Fillers also work best for under-eye circles caused by ageing, bone structure or sudden loss of body weight due to illness or dieting. It fills the sunken areas under the eyes, thereby improving the appearance of dark circles.

The cause of the dark circles will determine the recommended treatment. However, all these procedures are non-surgical and totally safe treatments for under-eye circles.

When you step into our spa, trained medical aestheticians will conduct a thorough assessment behind the cause, and walk you through the changes that can be made in your lifestyle. We will then recommend the treatment for dark circles. Visit our Med spa today and eliminate dark circles from your life.


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