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dark circles under eyes treatment oshawa

Dark, gloomy circles under your eyes? Do not panic. It’s not a rare condition. Dark eye circles are a common thing amongst adults, although it can happen among young people. The worst thing about dark eye circles is that it makes a person look way older than their actual age.

Fortunately, this is no longer an issue. Our team has been treating a good number of people with the same condition, and the results have been incredible. When you come to us, you will not only get relief from your current problems. We also give valuable tips to prevent those nasty dark circles from appearing.


What causes dark circles?


Several factors contribute to the formation of the dark circles under the lower eyelids. Here are some of them:


1. Lack of sleep and extreme tiredness


This is a widespread cause; not getting enough sleep can trigger numerous health issues over time. Staying up late for a few hours in the night, or waking up earlier than your usual wake up time can cause your skin to turn pale and look dull. This results in the formation of the dark circles under the eyes.


2. Genetic reasons


Another reason for the appearance of dark circles is the genes. Individuals who have inherited this condition from their parents may experience this early in their youth. As they grow older, the condition may get worse, and sometimes vanish slowly.


3. Too much sun


You need the sun for that enviable tan and Vitamin D, but excess exposure to sunlight can be harmful. The reason why the skin becomes darker when you’re out in the sun on a beach is that the body produces a pigment called melanin. The longer you stay in the sun, the more melanin pigmentation is produced. This also causes the skin around your eyes to become dark.


4. Allergies


Allergies can quite easily trigger dark circles to appear. Your body has a self-defense mechanism when you experience an allergic reaction, and it has to activate certain functions to counter the attack. During this process, the body releases a considerable amount of histamines, which can cause hyperpigmentation, redness, dry skin, itchiness, and make dark circles appear.

Other contributing factors include dehydration and too much exposure to blue light, which are produced by phone screens, computer screens and television.


5. Ageing


The facial muscles loose volume and sag, along with the rest of the body, as we age. This can also make the area around the eyes have a hollow appearance and wrinkles.


Home Remedies


Our team of experts highly recommends that you get enough sleep. No matter what methods you apply, there won’t be a good result as long as your body does not get enough rest. Home remedies that are effective to get rid of dark circles:


1. Coconut oil


This wonderful oil has several health benefits. It is antioxidant-rich and is a good source of vitamin E. Massage your skin around the eyes gently before going to bed and wash your face in the morning with lukewarm water.


2. Green tea bags


Green tea is packed with antioxidants and caffeine. It is also rich in compounds called tannins. It is very effective & helpful in reducing the puffy eyes as well as shrinking the dilated blood vessels under the eyes.

Chill some used green tea bags in the refrigerator, place them over your closed eyelids and relax for at least 15 minutes. Rinse with water when done.

If you desire to get rid of the dark circle under your eyelids permanently, visit our Med spa. We have highly experienced and reputed professionals who will treat you according to your condition. There are different types of medical treatments, and this includes fillers, chemical peels, PRP, and PicoSure.

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