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juvederm fillers oshawa

Juvederm Fillers Oshawa Durham Region

Have you noticed signs of ageing? If you have, you probably think what you can do to slow it down, or at least make it less visible. If you’ve been doing some research, you may have heard of fillers. Juvederm is trusted by experts.


At our Med spa, each and every client is given a bespoke treatment. Our medical aestheticians take pride in their work. We use only the best quality products. If you want to fight against ageing effectively. We highly recommend you to get a Juvederm treatment. It will improve the quality of your skin giving you a more youthful look and feel.


What is Juvederm filler?


The filler is a procedure which involves injecting a hyaluronic acid into the skin to volumise and smooth the face. Fillers can help you look fresh and younger from 6 months, up to a year.


How does Juvederm filler work?


When the filler is injected into the skin, the support structure of the skin is restored. This helps smooth out wrinkles and folds makes them less visible.


How much Juvederm filler does one need?


Typically, a person needs a minimum of one syringe for treating a particular area. There are several factors that can determine how much Juvederm you will need. For instance, the number of fillers you need will depend greatly on the age of the patient, and the depth of the wrinkle. It will also depend on the goal of the patient.


When you visit our Med spa, our team will give you a detailed explanation based on your preference, the amount of filler concentration will be determined. Higher filler concentration lasts longer.


What is the difference between a Botox and Juvederm Fillers?


Many people often get confused with these two because both of these are used to treat wrinkles. However, there are different types of wrinkles. Botox and wrinkles are used to treat different wrinkles.

A Botox is basically a protein in its pure form, and it helps to relax the muscles responsible for causing folds, lines or wrinkles. The major difference between them is that Botox is used to treat those wrinkles that appear during movements. These wrinkles appear when one smile, laugh or cry.

Juvederm facial fillers are made of hyaluronic acid. It is used to smooth out the wrinkles and folds. Fillers are most effective against wrinkles that are visible when one is at rest, or the face is at ease.


Are Juvederm filler procedures painful?


Fillers are injected using very tiny needles, so you won’t experience much pain or discomfort. If you’re very sensitive to pain, our nurse or doctor will use a cream which will make your skin numb temporarily.

Your facial appearance will not be altered by getting treatment. But your skin will look much healthier, and the folds of the wrinkles will be smoothened out. When it comes to safety and high-quality service, we do not make any excuses, and it’s our top priority. Our team has incredibly talented and experienced individuals who are fun, friendly, and very polite professionals.


We are on a beautiful mission to make you look good and stay youthful for many years. Any questions regarding the fillers? Visit our Med spa or give us a call. Your satisfaction is our sole responsibility. We believe that all are equal, and you deserve to look great.

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