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Laser Scar Removal Oshawa Services

If you are bothered by scars such as the ones left by acne or surgery, a laser scar removal may be the answer to your worry. You don’t have to undergo painful surgery to remove a scar.


Our laser scar removal services have brought a lot of joy to our clients in and around Oshawa.


Who can benefit from laser scar removal?


A scar is nothing but damaged skin. Many people proudly sport their injury scars, and we think it is beautiful and adds to their unique personality. However, if you have confidence issues because of the scars you have, consider a laser scar removal service. It can effectively reduce scarring due to:


  • Acne
  • Injury
  • Burns
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Surgery


How does laser scar removal work?


The procedure involves using fractional laser light, which treats the damaged areas of the skin. The laser does not harm the epidermis or the upper layers of the skin but penetrates to the dermis.


The procedure triggers the dermis to start a wound healing process which will replace the old tissue. Laser scar removal does not remove the scar, but it works by reducing its appearance to a substantial degree.


Types of laser scar removal


When you come in for a consultation, our experts at Harmony Med Spa Oshawa will evaluate your skin and decide the best treatment for you. The three treatments include:


  1. Ablative laser resurfacing – In this procedure, carbon dioxide or erbium is used to minimize the appearance of scars. Resurfacing process removes the damaged skin cells on the surface. Apart from the scar, it can significantly improve the appearance of wrinkles as well.
  2. Non-ablative laser resurfacing – In this procedure, heat from infrared light is used to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. It results in accelerated skin renewal, which takes over the old damaged skin cells.
  3. Fractionated laser resurfacing – In this procedure, a beam of laser penetrates deep into the layers of the skin. The laser reduces the production of melanin, which significantly reduces the appearance of scars. It also increases the production of collagen and accelerates the renewal of new skin cells.


Does laser scar removal hurt?


Laser scar removal is not particularly painful but it can sting. Before any laser procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied which numbs the skin so you should not feel pain. Under rare circumstances, sedation of the patient may be required.


We cannot stress enough on the importance of a trained dermatologist. Laser scar removal must only be performed by a certified practitioner. When you step into Harmony Med Spa Oshawa, please do not hesitate to ask if the expert you are consulting is certified or not. All of our staff are certified, are happy to share that with you.


What are the side effects of laser scar removal?


Mild side effects are to be expected as this procedure incorporates light as well as heat for the treatment. Itching, redness, minor swelling, and mild pain are common. In rare cases, slight bleeding can also be expected. Bear in mind that all of the above symptoms will subside within a couple of days.


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