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laser skin resurfacing oshawa

Who does not want to have skin that is youthful, plump and free of wrinkles? Everybody does! This is precisely what we offer our clients at our spa.

Laser skin resurfacing incorporates state of the art technology and procedures to get rid of all the skin concerns. It is effective, safe and works so much better than those outrageously expensive topical which may or may not work.


Who can undergo laser skin resurfacing?


If you are an adult who has one or more of the following skin concerns, that makes you a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing.


Acne scarring that cannot be concealed by makeup
⦁ Visible fine lines as well as wrinkles even when the face is relaxed
Hyperpigmentation of the face, chest and hands
⦁ Enlarged pores
⦁ Dull and sagging skin
⦁ Textured skin due to scarring or ageing


Types of laser skin resurfacing


The two different types of skin laser resurfacing treatments are:


1. Ablative Laser Resurfacing.

The two common types of ablative laser resurfacing are erbium and CO2 laser resurfacing. The treatments ablate the superficial layers of the epidermis so that the skin underneath is revealed.


Erbium enhances the production of collagen, which results in the overall plump look of the skin, while the CO2 or ultrapulse laser treatment removes layers of the skin. The face, parts of the face, neck, chest, and hands are the common areas of treatment.


2. Non-ablative Laser Treatment


The common types of non-ablative laser treatment are laser genesis, Fraxel, and Fraxel clear and brilliant.

They work by stimulating the production of collagen to smooth the appearance of the skin.


Does laser skin resurfacing hurt?


The procedure is not particularly painful. When our clients undergo the procedure, our aesthetician will apply a numbing cream on the area to be treated so you will not feel any pain.

If the whole face is to be treated, we might apply local anesthesia along with a mild sedative depending on your threshold for pain.


How long does the laser skin resurfacing procedure take?


A session of laser skin resurfacing can require anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Typically a full face treatment can take up to two hours but treating part of your face will require only 30 minutes.


Is there any side effect of laser skin resurfacing?


There are no harsh side-effects of laser skin resurfacing. However, you can expect mild itching, redness and sensitivity. On rare occasions, side effects can include scarring, burns and bacterial infection.

Keep in mind that the experience and the expertise of the attending aesthetician are paramount. To minimize the side effect, always seek laser skin resurfacing treatment from a certified professional. It is not considered rude to ask for credentials, whether you come into our spa or somewhere else.




When our clients undergo the laser skin resurfacing procedure, we insist on proper aftercare. Although the treated area will be bandaged, it is up to you to care for the area once you step out of our clinic. Proper aftercare is crucial as it will facilitate the healing process.


⦁ Use icepacks to reduce swelling.
⦁ Twenty-four hours after the treatment, clean the treated area with clean water.
⦁ Apply an ointment prescribed by the dermatologist or use petroleum jelly.
⦁ If the dermatologist prescribed a steroid, take it regularly as indicated. It will reduce the swelling, especially around the eyes.
⦁ Keep your head elevated with an extra pillow while sleeping.
⦁ Avoid the sun at all cost, or at least within the first week.
⦁ Use a broad spectrum SPF as well as physical shields such as sunglasses and hats while going out.


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