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Ready to lose your tattoo? Do it better and faster with Laser Tattoo Removal Oshawa Services


Do you have regrets about getting a tattoo? Laser tattoo removal will take care of that. PicoSure is the world’s first picosecond laser technology and the only advanced laser tattoo removal with PressureWave technology, which works with your body to remove unwanted ink. The laser wavelength of PicoSure delivers laser energy during the procedure that specifically targets tattoo ink, resulting in successful tattoo removal: shattering of just the ink particles and tattoo pigment without harming the surrounding tissue. 


Our Oshawa Laser Tattoo Removal Services Works Effectively On:


  • Multi-coloured tattoos, including blues and greens
  • Hard-to-remove black ink tattoos
  • Stubborn, previously treated tattoos and cover-ups
  • Amateur tattoos

What Should I Expect?


Laser tattoo removal for an average-sized tattoo typically takes about 10 minutes, but laser tattoo removal for larger or more complex tattoos can take longer.


Laser tattoo removal has been described as feeling similar to the actual tattooing process. Many have described it as “just like getting a tattoo.” For removal treatment, PicoSure relies on pressure changes instead of just heat to break apart ink particles, and just like the feeling of getting a tattoo, some patients may feel some discomfort. Your laser removal provider should be able to provide aids to make your experience more comfortable.


  • The number of treatments needed is dependent on variables such as skin tone, surrounding skin, ink characteristics, tattoo colours, size of the tattoo, location on the body, and lifestyle habits
  • The number of treatments depends on the size and type of the tattoo, and typically occurs every 6-8 weeks. Your tattoo removal provider will develop a laser tattoo removal treatment plan to meet your individual needs. The tattoo removal process will be longer for bigger


Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare 


The tattoo removal process doesn’t stop after you have had the actual treatment. Tattoo removal treatments need proper aftercare to speed up ink elimination and to achieve the best results. Laser tattoo removal requires 6 to 8 weeks of complete healing, and it is important that you care for the area with as much caution as you can.


At Harmony Med Spa, we give you comprehensive laser tattoo removal aftercare along with your treatments.


  1. Avoid exercise for up to 48 hours after your laser tattoo removal. The actual tattoo and surrounding skin will be tender, and the last thing you want is to get the wound infected. 
  2. Avoid applying excessive heat onto the tattoo. While it is okay to take a shower two hours after a laser tattoo removal session, remember to avoid high-pressure hot showers, or soaking in a bath at least 24 to 28 hours after.
  3. Keep the tattoo removal area clean and dry during the healing process. Use a mild soap to clean the affected area, and do not pat dry or rub the tattoo.
  4. Avoid sun exposure after a laser tattoo removal. If you need to be outside, apply quality sunscreen and keep the affected area covered with clothing.
  5. Don’t pick at the blisters. Having blisters is common after a laser tattoo removal procedure. Having blisters is a sign that your immune system is healing the affected area, and that the tattoo pigment removal has started. Let your body break the blisters naturally and apply an antibiotic ointment if the blisters have popped.
  6. If the tattoo removal procedure causes pain in the area, take Paracetamol for pain relief. Do not take Aspirin as it causes bruising and bleeding.
  7. At all costs, avoid picking out the scabs or scratching the tattoos. Scratching or picking out scabs will cause scarring and infections.
  8. Avoid shaving until the tattoo removal area is completely healed.
  9. If the tattoo removal area is feeling like it is “sunburned” apply a cold compress.
  10. Avoid scratching when the tattoo removal area is itchy.

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