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Unlock your most radiant glow with the power of PicoSure laser at Harmony MedSpa in Oshawa. This FDA-approved, cutting-edge technology provides unparalleled revitalization for a wide range of aging and pigmentation concerns like freckles, sunspots, acne scars, and discolouration with little to no downtime.

Reveal smoother, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin today! 

What Is PicoSure Laser?

PicoSure Laser is a noninvasive, nonsurgical cosmetic laser that gently uses ultra-short bursts of energy to target various skin concerns. Unlike lasers that rely on intense heat, this unique, non-thermal approach targets and shatters even the most stubborn pigments, scars, and tattoo ink particles without excessive heat transfer.

PicoSure laser activates the body’s natural immune response while minimizing injury and discomfort. Its unique energy delivery is a breakthrough for patients looking to improve their skin and reduce signs of aging without dealing with the risks, pain, and downtime of traditional laser treatments. 

PicoSure Treatments

At Harmony MedSpa, we offer the following PicoSure laser treatments:

Tattoo Removal 

Say goodbye to unwanted tattoos with PicoSure laser tattoo removal. Our advanced PicoSure laser technology safely and effectively removes stubborn ink.

Acne Scar Revision 

Experience skin transformation with PicoSure laser’s targeted energy that stimulates collagen production for improved texture and diminished acne scarring.


PicoSure laser gently disrupts the particles responsible for a wide range of unwanted pigment conditions, giving you brighter, visibly clearer skin.

Wrinkles & Fine Lines 

Ready to turn back the clock? Take a look at PicoSure laser before and after and see how it reduces fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, younger-looking you.

Skin Revitalization 

Our expert laser specialists use PicoSure technology to address concerns like large pores and uneven texture to revive your glow in fewer treatments. 

Stretch Mark Reduction 

PicoSure laser treatments stimulate collagen production to smoothen and minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

Sunspots & Other Pigmented Lesions 

Kiss sunspots and other unwanted pigmentation away. PicoSure laser fades sun damage, age spots, and benign pigmented lesions, leaving you with a clearer, more even complexion.

Treatment Areas

PicoSure laser treatment is a gentle, versatile treatment that accommodates all skin types, even those with sensitive and darker skin tones. 

PicoSure laser’s advanced technology targets specific pigments without damaging the surrounding skin. It can be used in areas like:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage (chest area)
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Other body areas

How PicoSure Laser Works

At the core of PicoSure’s advanced technology is a picosecond laser. The rapid pulses deliver a powerful surge of energy lasting a mere trillionth of a second, creating rapid expansion and contraction within the targeted area. 

This photomechanical effect disrupts and breaks down targeted pigment, ink, and other imperfections into tiny fragments without harming the surrounding skin. Over time, the body eliminates these microscopic particles, resulting in impressive skin rejuvenation with minimal thermal impact or downtime.

Unlike traditional lasers relying solely on intense heat energy, PicoSure’s laser technology penetrates potentially deeper into the skin to reach stubborn concerns that were previously difficult to treat. This unique combination of high peak power and non-thermal mechanisms sets a new standard in laser skin treatments.

PicoSure Laser Benefits You Can Expect

Experience superior skin rejuvenation with Harmony MedSpa’s PicoSure treatment. Enjoy PicoSure laser benefits and unlock your skin’s potential.

Non-Invasive & Non-Surgical 

No knives, stitches, or surgery are involved—just effective results, healthier skin, and a more even skin tone that gets even better with time.


From tattoo removal to wrinkle reduction, PicoSure treatment offers diverse solutions for various cosmetic concerns, providing personalized results for each patient.

Enhanced Skin Texture 

With PicoSure technology and Harmony MedSpa’s expert laser specialists, you can get smoother, healthier skin with visible and lasting results.

Stimulates Collagen Production 

Like a gift that keeps on giving, PicoSure laser treatment offers increased collagen production for ongoing improvements in skin elasticity even post-treatment.

Minimal Discomfort 

PicoSure laser’s gentle pressure technology minimizes discomfort compared to traditional lasers for a more comfortable experience while achieving healthy and vibrant skin.

Fast Treatment Time and Recovery 

PicoSure laser uses gentle pressure instead of heat, so there’s no need for a long recovery. Most patients only experience temporary redness.

PicoSure Treatment Aftercare

After your PicoSure treatment, your laser technician will provide aftercare instructions. Be sure to follow them to a T to minimize the risk of side effects and infections in the treated area. 

While your provider may give more personalized instructions, PicoSure treatment aftercare usually involves these key steps:

  • Keep your skin well-hydrated with gentle, fragrance-free products
  • Apply broad-spectrum SPF 30+ daily to prevent hyperpigmentation
  • Avoid harsh cosmetics for a few days to allow the skin to heal
  • Wash the treated area daily with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser, then pat dry
  • Skip strenuous exercises for at least 24 hours post-treatment
  • If you experience any concerns, consult your provider

Potential PicoSure Laser Side Effects

While generally well-tolerated, PicoSure laser, like any medical or cosmetic procedure, can have potential side effects. No need to worry, these are usually temporary and mild, and proper aftercare quickly minimizes them. 

Here are some PicoSure laser side effects you may experience:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Crusting or scabbing
  • Hypopigmentation (lighter skin)
  • Hyperpigmentation (darker skin)
  • Blistering

Book Your PicoSure Treatment with Harmony MedSpa

Harmony MedSpa is the top provider of PicoSure treatment in Oshawa. As a physician-owned and operated medical spa, we put your safety and satisfaction first, beginning with a comprehensive skin consultation.

Don’t settle for anything less than the most advanced laser technology available. Book your PicoSure consultation at Harmony MedSpa today and discover how this revolutionary treatment can transform your skin’s appearance with impressive, long-lasting results.

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