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Tattoo Removal 

Harmony MedSpa can help you say goodbye to unwanted tattoos and tattoo regret — in the safest and most effective way. Our tattoo removal treatment involves the use of the world’s first picosecond laser, Picosure. This device utilizes PressureWave technology that shatters tattoo ink, thereby working with your body to remove these unwanted pigments once and for all.

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Name & Description


Tattoos are beautiful works of art, but if there is an extra small one that you happen to regret, you can trust our leading tattoo removal technology to remove unwanted body ink.

$150.00Read more



If you thought a tattoo was permanent, think again. Our revolutionary tattoo removal technology is specially designed to eliminate ink. Even the smallest of tattoos can be erased.

$200.00Read more



Tattoos are artistic masterpieces that live on your skin forever; until you wish you never had it done in the first place. If that time comes, our tattoo removal services are the ideal solution.

$400.00Read more



If you have a large tattoo that you would like to have removed, you can count on our revolutionary tattoo removal procedure to eliminate the ink and restore the colour of your skin.

$600.00Read more



Half sleeve tattoos can be a sign of self expression. However, people change, times change, and preferences change. You can count on our effective tattoo removal techniques to remove your ink.

$900.00Read more


Tattoo Removal  Benefits 

Harmony MedSpa’s tattoo removal using Picosure gives you a wide array of benefits, such as the following: 

  • Eliminates unwanted tattoo ink without scarring the skin
  • Safe for virtually all skin tones
  • Can be used on multi-coloured tattoos and black-ink tattoos
  • Treatments are non-invasive and fast
  • You get visible results with each tattoo removal treatment session
  • Can be done on various parts of the body


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Whether you want to get rid of amateur tattoos, covered-up tattoos, and tattoos that just don’t resonate with you anymore, we’re here to help. Using the state-of-the-art Picosure laser, our skilled professionals will help you say goodbye to unwanted tattoos and ensure that your skin gets a fresh start. Check out our pricing for tattoo removal treatments below!


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Situated in the Durham Region, Harmony MedSpa is a trusted laser clinic that specializes in advanced non-surgical procedures. Our areas of focus include skin rejuvenation, scar removal, tattoo removal, and more. We’re passionate about helping people achieve the transformations they aim for.

If you have questions regarding tattoo removal and our other treatments, feel free to give us a call! You can also book a virtual consultation to get answers and recommendations from the safety of your own home.