PRP Treatment Oshawa

prp treatment oshawa

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment Oshawa

Hair loss and poor skin texture is a serious concern for most people, but the treatments are very expensive that only a few can make use of these services. Harmony Med Spa Oshawa believes that everyone deserves the right to get rid of such problems. We offer an affordable and effective PRP solution for hair growth and skin rejuvenation.


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Our body heals itself when cells and tissues are damaged, and doctors have found a way to harness this ability and use it in a number of ways. The portion of the blood, which allows the circulation of the Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, and platelets, is called plasma. It is largely made up of water and proteins and constitutes about 54 percent of the blood. Platelets are blood cells, which help in the clotting of blood; this prevents excessive loss of blood and facilitates the healing process. The specialists at Harmony Med Spa Oshawa utilize these healing and growing properties to accelerate healing in a particular area, and also promote new hair growth in the desired location.


How Does PRP Treatment Work?


Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment uses the ‘patient’s own concentrated platelets and plasma. It is prepared by taking the patient’s blood and the plasma containing proteins and platelets are separated from the rest. By injecting the extracted PRP directly into the injured part of the body, the damaged cells and tissues are repaired or healed much faster. To put it plainly, PRP treatment is simply a process where the reparative cells are concentrated in a specific area to back up the body’s healing system. This treatment has no known complications or allergic reactions since the PRP is prepared with the patient’s blood.


Who Needs a PRP Treatment Service?


Skin rejuvenation


PRP for skin rejuvenation is well known because of its amazing results. Most of our patients get visible and clear awesome results within a short period of 1 to 4 weeks. When PRP is injected into the targeted skin area, the skin becomes smoother and tight because it promotes the growth of collagen, and the tissues are rapidly regenerated. This treatment softens the wrinkles; improves the tone and texture of the skin for a better and younger feel.


What makes the PRP different from other injections and fillers is that it does not cause any sort of allergies. It has long lasting results for as long as 2 years, and it provides a natural feel and look. PRP skin treatment applies to any part of the body.


Hair Growth


Harmony Med Spa Oshawa is prepared to help those men and women who have been fighting against hair loss. Doctors all over the world had been looking for an effective and safe means to promote the growth of new hair. Platelets-Rich Plasma treatment has proved to be the most successful. This treatment involves the injection of PRP into the scalps of a balding patient; this re-activates the hair follicles that are inactive. The activated hair follicles will then start to grow again. PRP therapy is risk-free and safe as it requires no transplants or complicated surgeries. This treatment only requires local anesthesia and a sample of patient’s blood.


People who have recently started to lose hair are the most suitable candidates for a PRP treatment. There is no guarantee that this treatment will work for a complete bald person. Harmony Med Spa Oshawa recommends one treatment in a month for the start. This same routine must be followed up to 4 to 6 months, then two to three maintenance treatments or appointments per year.


Is PRP treatment affordable?


Although the treatment cost can vary depending on the type of treatment, the answer is ”yes,” PRP treatment is affordable. The cost of the treatment is determined by how big or small the surface area of the skin is treated, and how many times the patient is treated before the desired result is seen.

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