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rosacea treatment oshawa

Rosacea Treatment Oshawa Services

Contradictory to popular assumption, rosacea is a widespread skin problem. It is characterized by small red veins and redness of the skin. Puss filled red bumps are also not uncommon. It is also called redness or flushing as well.


This condition occurs when the blood vessels under the skin carry more blood due to dilation. Common places where rosacea is found are the cheeks, chin, nose area and the forehead.


What causes rosacea?


Genetics play a significant role in the manifestation of rosacea and most experts will tell you so. That aside, blood vessels and capillaries dilate when a person blushes. As a result, there is a sudden rush of blood in these capillaries. Under normal circumstances, the vessels would return to their normal state after some time.


However, when a person has rosacea, the capillaries and the blood vessels remain dilated and do not return to their normal state. It is called chronic dilation. It is also triggered by other factors, both internal and external. They include:


  • Exposure to the sun and wind
  • Allergic reactions to food or external stress factors
  • Exercise sessions
  • Ingestion of alcohol and/or spicy food
  • Overproduction of histamine during allergic reactions
  • Reduction of estrogen levels due to menopause
  • Medication


Symptoms of rosacea


Unlike a regular person blushing, rosacea is persistent. The triggers can worsen the symptoms, but they are almost always visible. Common symptoms include:


  • Redness of the cheeks, forehead and areas around the nose.
  • Patches of dilated veins which are clearly visible.
  • Small acne-like bumps which are sensitive to touch. This is also called chronic flushing.
  • Severe symptoms include dry skin in the affected area, redness of the eyes, and swelling of the face.
  • The eyesight can also be affected in the worst case scenario.
  • In males, rosacea is known to cause enlargement of the nose.


The symptoms are most prominent in females, but it can also affect males equally.


What are the available treatments for rosacea?


Many experts agree that rosacea does not have a permanent cure. However, it does not mean you have to be at the mercy of dilated blood vessels. At Harmony Med Spa Oshawa, we offer a wide range of effective treatments. They are known to improve the condition of a lot of our patients over the years.


If the symptoms are mild, then we don’t recommend the treatments – unless you are bothered by it. On the other hand, if you have severe rosacea, consider using the treatments.


We also recommend that you have a thorough medical evaluation with your physician before you undergo the treatment. Also, keep in mind that prevention and avoiding the triggers is also the most effective treatment of rosacea


Types of rosacea treatment at Harmony Med Spa Oshawa


  1. Topical treatments


Medications such as azelaic acid and metronidazole are the two commonly prescribed topical treatments. They usually work by keeping the symptoms under control.


Creams and cleansers with properties to relieve the redness are also recommended.


  1. Ingestibles


Typically antibiotics such as minocycline, doxycycline and tetracycline are prescribed for oral administration.


  1. Laser treatment


It is far more effective than the other two treatments mentioned above. The results last longer and may require multiple consultations. We treat rosacea with the Cynosure Elite Laser.


The benefit of laser treatment is more than relief for rosacea. It can also improve the skin texture; minimize dark spots and fine lines as well.


  1. IPL photo rejuvenation


Is an effective non-invasive procedure for rosacea treatment. It is safe, relatively painless and gives excellent results. Apart from helping with rosacea, it also relieves freckles, sunspots, and firms the skin.


Get rosacea treatment services when you need it!


As we briefly highlighted above, we always advise our clients to consult a medical practitioner before undergoing treatment for rosacea. We don’t proclaim that our treatments are the miracle to rosacea. However, if you walk into Harmony Med Spa, we promise that you will not walk out disappointed.

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